All over the world, people come across different paths to alternative medicine. Ecuador is one of the countries where local ancient medicine is several thousand years old. There are a lot of different herbs, roots, and plants that are successfully used in our time. One of the most important is the San Pedro cactus. According to some sources, ceremonies of San Pedro or Wachuma, have been practiced for many thousands of years in Ecuador.

Wachuma is a key or bridge that can help a person to be more harmonious. The word "Wachuma" in the ancient language of the Quechua Indians literally means headless, that is, to remove rational thinking, remove the ego. It is divided into Waqcha - "in the absence" and Uma - "head". In the Andes, the plant-teacher Wachuma is said to heal bodily diseases and mental illnesses; which teaches and harmonizes a person.

The drink in the San Pedro ceremony is obtained from a cactus that contains a lot of mescaline. Sometimes the San Pedro ceremony is compared to a seven-year meditation in Tibet. Indeed, Wachuma is one of the ways of knowing oneself through sincerity, unconditional love for oneself, through acceptance and understanding of oneself and the world that you create.

This ceremony often works with the energy of forgiveness. As Democritus once said: "After all, making mistakes is inevitable, but it is not easy to earn forgiveness from people" and it is even more difficult to accept and forgive yourself for the perfect mistakes.
We have collected the maximum information about "ayahuasca" so that you can fully familiarize yourself with this drink, both from the scientific and spiritual sides.


Used to heal, cleanse, heal the heart, body and mind

San Pedro helps, opens, and shows at what point there was a failure or an injury; it helps to forgive, accept yourself and the people around you. There are no hallucinations or strong unpleasant bodily sensations in the ceremony. San Pedro is always an experience of love, sincerity, and joy. In the ceremony, work is done in the heart, where we feel, the temple of emotions.

San Pedro is a miraculous plant that has been part of ceremonies and rituals for thousands of years in the Andes. It is a plant that is always used to heal, cleanse, heal the heart, body, and mind. Through the San Pedro ceremony, you can re-establish a connection with your essence of love, joy, bring harmony into your life. In life, we are constantly in communication with different kinds of energies. Often we need clarity, peace, joy, and space, and time to remember why and why we live. We need to remember who we are and to apply unconditional love for ourselves. After all, our doubts, anxieties, and stress affect the body. It gets sick when we are not in harmony with ourselves when we have a load on our heart.

San Pedro can heal all physical, psychological, and emotional illnesses. Anything is possible for San Pedro, there is no limitation. The only thing to do is to approach the ceremony with desire. The number of ceremonies depends on the issue and the issue.

What happens in the San Pedro ceremony
You drink a cup of San Pedro drink (which is made from the San Pedro Cactus and is brewed for 12 hours, sometimes up to 3-4 cups), then after forty minutes, the first effects occur. Deep dive and meditation. Working with emotions, working through forgiveness and thanksgiving.
San Pedro comes in waves. Sometimes it feels like nothing is happening, then a deep immersion in oneself.
Experience of sincerity and love with yourself. Knowing yourself through nature and the world around you.
There are visions, but it depends on the level of your receptivity and where you are.