We assist in the development of villages of the Quechua tribes
I never tire of repeating: our main value is people. I am very fortunate to have assembled a team capable of organizing such effective and safe retreats. A special role in it is assigned to the Quechua Indians, who agreed on a regular basis to conduct sacred vegetarian ceremonies for ... strangers.

Yes, Latin America is wary of visitors. And the more we appreciate the sincere hospitality with which Jesus, Louise, Marlene, Javier and other residents of this village greeted us. I am used to responding with kindness. Therefore, our organization does everything to make the life of the local population at least a little easier and more comfortable.

They say charity loves silence. Like, if you report it publicly, then this is PR. Nonsense! I am convinced that you need to help people and never keep it a secret. After all, nothing inspires others like a personal example. Therefore, do charity work with us! Do charity work better than us!