Let's honor the rules of the Quechua tribe + our retreat space

We hold Ayahuasca retreats deep in the jungle on the territory of the Quechua tribe with hereditary shamans. This tribe honors its ancient traditions and we respect them. Here are the guidelines that create an environment for the most powerful journey.

1. No smoking, tobacco products, or electronic cigarettes.
2. No drinks containing alcohol.
3. Show respect for the totems of the tribe.
4. Do not desecrate the shrines of the tribe.
5. Do not steal anything.
6. No flirting or fraternizing with the inhabitants of the tribe or fellow journeyers.
7. Do now walk in the jungle on your own without a guide. It can be deadly.
8. Do not pick fruits on the territory of the tribe without the permission of representatives of the tribe.
9. While hiking in the jungle, do not (without the permission of the guide) pick and eat wild fruits or leaves. They may be poisonous.
10. Ceremony area is only open to participants.
11. Each ceremony is followed by an integration. You cannot move onto the next ceremony if you have not participated in the integration for your previous one.
12. Violation of the retreat rules is grounds for immediate dismissal from the retreat without refund.
We have prepared an interesting and rich program for you. This will be the most unforgettable journey of your life into the depths of your subconscious.