Holistic Mind Therapy Certification
Our two-­day Holistic Mind Therapy Certification course is the third and final stage of our intensive hypnotherapy education package. At this level, students are introduced to clinical hypnotherapy that is integrated with the cognitive approaches and techniques of CBT (cognitive behavior therapy).
Pre­requisites for Advanced Hypnotherapy Training
Students are required to have successfully completed our two­-day basic hypnotherapy course as well as our advanced hypnotherapy training prior to enrolling in our Holistic Mind Therapy certification course. Due to the intensive nature of this training, it is strongly recommended that students have already achieved a high degree of competence in hypnosis and are familiar with the theoretical aspects of modern­ day hypnotherapy.
What You Will Learn
This specialist training facilitates the development of more advanced hypnotherapy skills, along with highly effective strategies for working with complex clients. Theoretical knowledge is combined with advanced hypnosis training, including the use of NLP (neuro­linguistic programming), and cognitive psychology.
Holistic Mind Therapy Certification Curriculum
Enhance your ongoing therapeutic skills with this two-­day hypnotherapy certification course that will prepare you to work as a private practitioner. Our curriculum includes detailed instruction in the practical and theoretical skills required in order to work with clients, as well as expert marketing instruction and a business management strategies package. Following successful completion of this course, students will receive their official Holistic Mind Therapy certification.

● Problem Solving Hypnotherapy: Real life situations and actual case studies are presented as students work together in small groups to discuss ways of resolving complex client problems using hypnotherapy and CBT (cognitive behavior therapy).

● Using Imagery in Client Interventions: How to assist clients to relax and focus by using guided imagery and visualization techniques. Students will learn to create effective interventions for managing a number of physical and emotional issues, including stabilizing symptoms of mood disorders and providing an effective drug­free method of pain control.

● Treating Anxiety with Cognitive Therapy: The conceptual basis behind the use of cognitive therapy and hypnosis for treating severe anxiety disorders.

● Mindfulness Practice: Integrate mindfulness into your hypnotherapy practice.

● Resolving Emotional and Behavioral Problems with REBT (rational emotive behavior therapy). A technique for practitioners to assist clients to work through their emotional troubles and behavioral issues, guiding them towards greater happiness and increased personal fulfillment.

● Managing Resistance in Cognitive Behavior Therapy: Helping clients conquer their cognitive resistance to therapeutic change.

● Discovering the Authentic Self: Overcoming social anxiety, and embracing personal empowerment, improved self-­esteem, and assertiveness.

● Using Neuro­linguistic Programming to Effect Positive Change: Incorporating this powerful technique to change limiting beliefs and bring about personal transformation.

● Advanced Hypnotherapy Workshop: Students are given the opportunity to research and case­-manage a client. Areas of concern might include minor to major mental health problems, insomnia, eating disorders, weight control, pain management, addictions treatment, etc.

● From Training Into Practice: Marketing strategies and business management skills for hypnotherapists.
Entry Requirements
● Students enrolled in the Holistic Mind Therapy certificate course must be aged 18 or over.

● Students with a prior history of criminal convictions should be aware that this might negatively reflect upon their suitability to work with vulnerable populations.

● Likewise, students who have received sanctions from any professional organizations should be aware that this might restrict their ability to practice as a licensed hypnotherapist.

● Students should be sufficiently fluent in spoken English in order to engage with English­-speaking clients and establish a therapeutic relationship.

● Students should be in good mental and physical health.
Satisfaction Guaranteed / No Risk
We are so confident in the quality of our training, that we will refund your fees in full if you are not totally satisfied with your basic or advanced hypnotherapy course. We are committed to providing exceptional hypnosis instruction and want everyone to be completely happy with their learning experience. For this reason, we offer a money­-back, no­ risk guarantee to all our students.

Please note that in order to claim a refund, written notice must be given to your instructor, before the end of the first day of training.
We recognize that furthering your education can be expensive. We, therefore, offer a number of incentives and financing options to assist students with hypnosis training.

Students who book early save 10%!

We also offer prospective students an interest-free monthly payment plan. Call us now at (954) 703-4039 or to talk to an advisor and set up your own individual payment plan. Financing can be in place in as little as five minutes!

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More About Our Hypnosis TRAININGS
Happy, successful, motivated people do not just randomly appear – there are actually some easily identifiable reasons why some individuals succeed at what they do while others struggle. Learn to direct your life where you want it to go, putting you back in control. Our Holistic Mind Therapy techniques hold the key to discovering a life filled with possibility and personal satisfaction.
At Holistic Mind TherapyTM, we provide specialized training so that you can practice our holistic mind therapy techniques yourself. We will teach you these life-changing skills so that you can use powerful HMT techniques to literally turn your life around. During our HMT training, you will learn to tap into your amazing subconscious mind to think in new and exciting ways. Our cutting-edge program involves hypnosis and NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) combined with other natural holistic therapies.
Our mission is to offer HMT training at different levels, to match each individual client's background and personal requirements. We have training programs to suit complete beginners right up to advanced training for persons who already possess some knowledge of hypnosis and NLP. If you prefer, try one of our introductory sessions to get a feel for what is involved during HMT. Our safe, professional approach will assure you an enjoyable training experience; one that is easy to follow and designed to meet your specific needs. Best of all, our training sessions are always fun, relaxing, and educational.
We have also acquired the very latest technology to safely and comfortably monitor brain waves during Holistic Mind Therapy, including high-resolution, multi-channel, mobile EEGs similar to the one pictured on the homepage of this website. This allows us to offer advanced biofeedback to our clients, as well as conduct ongoing research.
Our HMT training will appeal to anyone looking to achieve their full potential. Read on for more information on two of our most popular training programs – HMT certification and hypnotherapy.
More on our HMT Certification Training
Our Holistic Mind Therapy certification is a valuable training model that offers various levels (from beginner to advanced) to anyone interested in learning about natural, holistic healing techniques. Build on your success, as you progress through various certification levels. Our HMT certification training is designed to be enlightening and powerful. HMT techniques are simple to learn and easy to master. In fact, many participants are surprised at just how quickly they are able to learn the skills needed to practice HMT.
HMT addresses many different areas of a person's life – from challenging personal difficulties to complicated issues that require sweeping transformational change. No problem is too great or too complex to benefit from HMT. Gain the confidence you have always wanted, master your emotions, and overcome whatever is holding you back in your life. Our HMT certification provides an essential "tool kit" for a positive, successful life.