Introduction to Hypnosis Training
Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton and Palm Beach students are welcome
Holistic Hypnotherapy Certification Training
This is a six-day program with 30% lecture and 70% hands-on experience. Each day has a specific set of topics that will allow you to quickly learn Holistic hypnotherapy and start applying it in your client sessions.
Level 1

Basic Holistic Hypnotherapy Certification Training (September 30, 2017) (October 14, 2017)
- Saturday and Sunday 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM
- You will learn the basics about subconscious minds, a step-by-step model for inducing the trance state, how to recognize trance depth, and how to utilize hypnotic suggestion.
- You will learn the Holistic Hypnotherapy model with live demonstration sessions of theory in action.
- Hands-on experience using hypnotherapy.
- Certificate of completion
- Training will be recorded on Video.
- Price: $295 ($100 deposit required)
- Bring your partner and both will get $50 off

Level 2

Intermediate Holistic Hypnotherapy Certification Training (October 21, 2017)
- Saturday and Sunday 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM
- You will really hone in on how hypnotherapy helps treat physical issues, such as stress-related disorders (headaches, ulcers, etc.), weight, smoking, and more.
- You will also learn how to develop a private practice and grow a client base.
- Hands-on experience using hypnotherapy and NLP techniques.
- Certificate of completion
- Training will be recorded on Video.
- Price: $395 ($150 deposit required)
- Refer your new friend and get $75 off each

Level 3

Advanced Holistic Hypnotherapy Certification Training (November 18, 2017)
- Saturday and Sunday 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM
- You will be given tools using Holistic hypnotherapy to treat common mental issues, such as addiction, depression, trauma, phobias, anxiety, sexual/physical abuse, and more.
- Hands-on experience using hypnotherapy and NLP techniques.
- You will learn how hypnotherapy helps with pregnancy and birth issues, and how many adult issues originate in the womb.
- Certificate of completion
- Training will be recorded on Video.
- Price: $495 ($200 deposit required)
- Bring your new friend and get $100 off each
An Introduction to Hypnosis
Have you ever wondered about hypnosis, and questioned whether hypnotherapy is something you could benefit from? Perhaps, you have seen a stage show performance where an entertainer mysteriously hypnotizes people and convinces them to act out – often in unusual and humorous ways. Maybe, you have noticed an increase in people turning to alternative therapies such as hypnosis, as a treatment for some of our most challenging everyday problems such as smoking or weight gain. Then again, you may be someone who is already working in a "helping" industry, who is curious about the clinical side of hypnosis.
Hypnosis has come a long way from the stage show spectacles of the past. It is now a widely accepted and viable healing tool that is giving new hope and optimism to millions of people around the world. Unlike conventional therapies, there are no unpleasant or potentially dangerous side-effects with hypnosis. Instead, hypnosis is a pleasant and relaxing experience that allows people to make positive changes within themselves. A hypnotist assists his or her clients to achieve a deep state of relaxation. Hypnosis involves focused attention, not sleeping – and the person being hypnotized is always in control and aware of what is going on. Each client is empowered to achieve important, meaningful goals by listening to suggestions that are offered by the hypnotist. However, the client must first truly want to change, in order for the suggestions to work.
Do You Want to Learn More About Hypnosis?
In this introductory course, students are given a comprehensive overview of the exciting field of hypnosis. This course is highly recommended for students planning to pursue hypnosis certification, or for anyone who is fascinated by the potential of hypnosis to make a positive difference in people's lives. Our introduction to hypnosis training is also perfect for individuals already familiar with hypnosis, who are trying to decide if this is something they wish to practice at a more advanced level.

Whether you are a complete beginner or someone looking to expand their knowledge about hypnosis, our introduction to hypnosis training has something for everyone. Fun, fast paced and highly informative – our training material is presented by expert instructors using state-of-the-art teaching methods that are designed to keep things interesting and stimulating. A relaxed and friendly atmosphere, allows students to focus on their own personal growth by learning with like-minded people. There are no pre-requisites, other than a desire to learn more about hypnosis!
What Exactly Is Hypnosis?
What You Will Learn.
Our introductory level course begins by exploring the question "What is hypnosis?" Myths and misconceptions are set straight as students gain an understanding of exactly what hypnosis can and cannot do. A wide range of present-day hypnosis techniques and applications are also examined, as students are introduced to the role of the hypnotist, along with the practical and ethical applications of hypnosis. Students quickly discover that professional hypnosis is a valuable and relevant treatment for many common ailments. Best of all, this proven healing method is completely natural and drug-free.
A survey of career opportunities such as professional hypnotherapist is included, and students will become aware of the many clinical and therapeutic benefits of hypnosis. Introductory information is offered regarding various challenging personal and health problems that may be successfully addressed by hypnosis. At this point, the tremendous healing capacity of hypnosis is revealed, as students become familiar with actual case studies and real-life scenarios. Anxiety, stress management, conflict resolution, compulsive and addictive behaviors such as overeating and smoking, self-esteem enhancement, and insomnia are just a few examples of troublesome issues that respond well to hypnosis.
Mechanics of Hypnosis
The mechanics of hypnosis are also explained, as students are introduced to subject matter regarding basic induction and awakening methods, as well as different types of suggestibility (authoritarian and permissive). The merits of primary and secondary suggestibility are discussed, as well as the use of suggestibility tests as a means of determining the suitability of prospective subjects. Students will learn about specific techniques that are used to establish a person's capacity for hypnosis, based on factors such as an individual's occupation, age, impressibility, and emotional state. Finally, a demonstration of the six stages of hypnosis will be presented.
Careers in Hypnosis
Hands-on Hypnosis Practice
All our students are offered the chance to benefit from guided hypnosis practice with real people. This invaluable opportunity allows students to gain a feeling for the process of hypnosis, to perform simple hypnotic inductions, and (if they are already familiar with hypnosis) to improve their skill level. This is also a good way for students to learn more about themselves – as the more we understand about ourselves, the better equipped we are to reach out to others.

We use a variety of teaching modalities in all our classes in order to keep things interesting, and in recognition of the fact that everyone learns in different ways. The hands-on component to our introduction to hypnosis training is especially appealing, as this truly allows students to immerse themselves in the hypnosis experience. All our classes are facilitated by expert qualified instructors who have many years of experience as practicing hypnotherapists.
Personal Growth and Development
Some students sign up for this introduction to hypnosis training, as part of a personal journey of self-discovery and enlightenment. Learning to overcome self-imposed limitations and live a fuller, more satisfying life is something that we can all benefit from. By using hypnosis to tap into our powerful subconscious mind, it is possible to obtain a profound new outlook on life – increasing knowledge, insight, and awareness.
Further Study
Others find the topic of hypnosis to be so intriguing, that an introductory course such as this one serves to motivate them towards further advanced study, leading to professional certification. Although an introductory course of 5 hours can only cover basic concepts and offer a general overview of the field of hypnosis, we hope that it will open your appetite to learn much more! Additional hypnosis courses are available at both the basic and advanced level.

Regardless of your reason for taking this introduction to hypnosis training, we feel confident that you will find this course to be highly informative, and potentially life altering. In fact, we are so confident that you will be completely satisfied with this introductory course, that we offer all our students a risk-free money back guarantee.
I. What is Hypnotherapy?

II. Common Myths of Hypnotherapy

III. Theories of Hypnotic Responding

IV. Key Theoretical Controversies in Hypnotherapy

V. Hypnotic Suggestibility

VI. Hypnosis as a Clinical Tool

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