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Make $1000 per day as a Smoking Cessation Specialist
The #1 Most Successful Stop Smoking Business System in the World
"The 4-Day Training that Gives You Everything You Need to Be Able to Make $100K–$150K a Year Working Only 2 Days a Week"
You Could Become an Elite Specialist Hypnotherapist Making $1,000+ a Day, Booked Months in Advance, With Your Own Smooth-Running Professional Practice.
Dear New Internet Friend,

First, I'll make you a promise.

I promise that you have never experienced ANYTHING like what you are going to learn about now. In the following text you will find new information that is far more valuable than anything you'll read in a book—concepts, ideas and strategies that will change the way you look at business and the way you look at life.

If you think that the above sounds like the perfect job description, you're right. And the good news is that you don't need ANY previous experience because we provide everything you need in a 4 day training course. You will receive expert instruction and certification in the simple and unique "Stop Smoking in One Hour" system, a complete marketing system including all ads, referral systems and promotional materials, as well as a complete practice management system that will enable you to make $1,000 a day or more within weeks of leaving the training course.

Make $1,000 a Day or More!

You could double, trilpe, or even quadruple your income depending on how many days you want to work. We only worked 2 days a week because we chose to spend the bulk of our time with our family traveling and enjoying hobbies. We also enjoyed having the free time to study and read, time that was a luxury when we were working longer hours and more days.

It doesn't matter what your background is, or which of the following boxes you check:

- Perhaps you have wasted $1,000s on inferior trainings and are eager to start making that money back.
- Perhaps you're exhausted from working the 9–5 treadmill and would like to be semi-retired and enjoying your life with a handsome income.
- Perhaps you're a mom who would love to increase the family income, but can't afford child care and hate the thought of being away from the kids.
- Perhaps you're already an NLP practitioner or Hypnotherapist who has done several trainings but just can't seem to make money doing what you love because you don't have the marketing skills.
- Perhaps you just want to slow down, relax, and start enjoying life.

Whatever your particular situation, we know that using accelerated learning, with this 4-day seminar you'll be able to learn all you need to know about our unique system of NLP/Hypnotherapy and not only will the training pay for itself in no time, but you will soon be making $1,000, $1,500, or even $2,000 a day!

How Is It Possible to Make $1,000+ a Day?

In essence, people pay for value. In other words, just imagine that you are a smoker and you're spending several hundred dollars a month on cigarettes. What would you do if somebody said to you, "Why don't you take the money that you would have spent this month on smoking, and spend it on becoming a non-smoker? Because then you'd be saving several hundred dollars every month from that point on."

And what if they said, "It only takes an hour of your time, relaxing in a chair."? Immediately you would say, "Who do I phone? How soon can I do it?", because not only could that 1 hour of relaxation add several thousand dollars to your income every year for the rest of your life, but it could also add an extra 10 years of healthy living with which to enjoy the money you've saved.

As a smoker, your next question would be, "How much does it cost?" The answer is $250, and you would be rushing to get into the appointment book as soon as possible. As we mentioned earlier, it doesn't take many clients per day—just 4 hours of work and you've done your $1,000 day.

In fact, in the Europe where the program originated, many people who started off charging £250 an hour are now charging on average £350 an hour, and they are booked 2–3 months in advance. We have several people in the U.S. who are charging $400 an hour, so 5 clients at $400 an hour would be a $2,000 day.

More Smokers Than You Can Handle

According to the American Lung Association, 23% of Americans age 18 and over smoke. If you include those smokers under the age of 18, that figure probably comes to approximately 25%. That's 1/4. Yes, literally 1 in 4 Americans are smokers. That's approximately 70 million people.

It would be great to be able to help all smokers become non-smokers. But as you can see, no matter how many people take the training, collectively they are unlikely to even make a dent in that figure. They'd be lucky to handle 1 million.
Marketing: The Money Machine

Imagine if you had a little machine that every time you put a dollar bill into it and turned a handle, out would come a ten dollar bill. How many times would you put a one dollar bill into it and turn the handle? You'd be making thousands in no time, right?

You would be getting quite a few of those ten dollar bills changed into one dollar bills, and you'd find yourself rolling in money in next to no time at all.

Guess what? You don't have to just imagine it—it's true. This is what effective marketing is all about. Think about it, there is literally no other investment that gives you a 1000+% return in virtually zero time. In terms of time, money, and energy, marketing is the most important investment you'll ever make.

Stop and think about that for a moment—this one concept, right now (the marketing money machine), is literally priceless, especially for those of you in business.

We'll show you how to have so many clients that you'll have to refer some to other Hypnotherapists in your area who will happily pay you a substantial referral fee for providing clients for them, because they can't provide for themselves.

Think about that. Other Hypnotherapists will actually pay you for the clients you can't see because you'll know how to market yourself so well that you'll have too many. Not only will you get paid for the clients you see, but you'll even get paid for clients you don't see!

The 3 Secrets for Success

We have found out from years of experience and the school of hard knocks that there are 3 secrets to success in this business. The 3 secrets are all essential ingredients; if any 1 of them is missing, it will create failure. If you make sure all of them are present, then you have a complete success system.

We'd like to give you all 3 secrets right now. We'd actually like to share our hard-earned knowledge with you for free! Just fill out our simple online form and we'll send a 20-page booklet explaining the 3 secrets in the mail right away.
Paul Dmitriev
About our method.
In our modern day society, people work too hard, are stressed out and have lost touch with the things they really value in life like family, leisure, and travel. Whether you have years of experience with hypnotherapy or none whatsoever, we simply want to help you improve your quality of life.

Paul Dmitriyev has accumulated more than 10,000 patient hours in over a decade of private and group practice. He is the author and creator of over 20 professional and personal development programs for hypnotherapists and the general public alike. Paul is President of the American Academy of Hypnotherapy, a co-founder of the National Board of Holistic Mind Therapy. He founded and directed the Center for Clinical Hypnotherapy, building it into the Miami's largest private hypnosis clinic in 2009.

American Academy of Hypnosis is a leader in training people to be successful as hypnotherapists. Our definition of success is making $1,000+ a day. We do this by using accelerating learning techniques to teach you only the most effective NLP/hypnosis, marketing, and practice management techniques.

Our trainings are the result of decades of experience and extensive research.

Paul's main emphasis now is on teaching hypnotherapists how to market themselves and build a lucrative business. He has studied the techniques and strategies from hundreds of different experts and systems. Keeping the best, and discarding the rest, he continually optimized these methods over many years. His mission is to raise the standard of hypnotherapy by turning it into a highly paid, highly respected profession. He also holds Master Practitioner and Trainer qualifications in NLP as well as many other qualifications in the field.

Answers to all of your questions.
1. General

1.1. What if I have no previous experience in hypnosis or business?

That's great. Some of the most successful practitioners had zero experience. In fact, after exhaustive research, there was no correlation found between success with the program and previous hypnosis experience, business experience, or even a college-level education.

1.2. How is it possible to make $1,000 a day?

Unlike the way that most hypnotherapists practice—charging $50–$70 per session, which could last 2 hours or more—this unique integrated system of smoking cessation enables you to easily charge $250 an hour. Once you are up and running, you may soon realize that $1,000 a day may even be a conservative estimate (4 client hours per day). In fact, in the Europe where the program originated, people started off charging £250 (approx. $400) an hour and gradually moved up to £350 (approx. $600) an hour. Practitioners in the U.S. are now charging as much as $400 and $500 an hour—so $2,000 a day wouldn't be too difficult.

1.3. Will people actually pay $250, or more, to stop smoking?

They are already paying that much every month for cigarettes. A 2-pack-a-day smoker has already budgeted that much for smoking, every month. The clients that pay the same $250 to stop are committed to stop smoking. That's one of the big keys: they must make a financial commitment to stop, as they have made a commitment to smoke. $250 is a very low price to start with. We had people starting in the Europe with £250 (approx. $450). It's very easy to increase that price from $250 to $295, $350, $395, $400, $450. A lot of our people went immediately to £295, and then up to £350.

1.4. How did this program originate?

The actual system was started nearly a decade ago. It has been refined by Paul Dmitriev. He had a mastermind group back in the Europe that used to meet every Sunday. They each flew around the world testing different marketing techniques, testing different hypnotherapy, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), etc. They would spend the entire day reporting back on everything that they tested over that time. From those mastermind group meetings they built the foundation of this program, which is the synergy of the three elements: specialized training in the best hypnosis and NLP, a complete marketing system, and a complete turnkey business operating system.

1.5. I know the system was successful in the Europe, but will it work in the US?

It already has! In fact, the system has proved to be even more successful in the US. But don't take our word for it, take a look at what our students have to say bellow.

1.6. How many students have taken this training so far?

There are about 150 people in the Europe that have been up and running for about 3 years now. Here in the states, there are about 10 so far that have taken this training.

1.7. Can I train others to work for me in the future?

The others will need to take the course themselves. They will need to have a Lifetime Exclusive Rights Contract to operate using this system. This is so that we can keep the system pure. If you want to build a group practice, each of the people that come into your practice will have to be recognized by us as a Smoke-Free professional.

1.8. Why are so many hypnotherapists seemingly unsuccessful in developing a busy practice on their own?

There are many good hypnotherapists, just not enough successful hypnotherapy practices. Keeping your appointment book filled and running a robust practice is what you will get as a result of applying the three key elements of this program, which are specialized Hypnosis/NLP training, a complete marketing system, and a complete turnkey business operating system.

1.9. How many years has the program been around?

The system has been in use for more than a decade by the originators. The program was first taught openly to the public in 2010. There are now many successful practitioners out there both in Europe and the U.S. who have been through the program and have built successful practices. One of the most interesting points is that when we surveyed them, most of them had zero experience with hypnosis or marketing before they did the program.

2. Marketing

2.1. Do most of the clients come from advertising or referrals?

When you first start, most of your clients will probably come from the proven ads that we supply for you. You then have 4 different referral systems which, once you apply them, enable you to rapidly transition within just a few months to a referrals-based practice. In fact, with the recent Phase 2 addition to the program, you can have a referrals-only practice right from the start.

2.2. I run ads and use referrals now for my marketing effort. What more can you show me to do to increase my business?

That's just a start. This program has been developed from years of trial and error. You will learn what kinds of ads work best, where they should run, how often, what size, which type font, in what position of the publication, and more. These ads have been tested and retested. They work. Plus, you will learn many more marketing and promotion strategies and techniques that have proven successful in dramatically increasing the incomes of hypnotherapists.

2.3. It seems that there are several hypnotherapists in the yellow pages. Is that a good place to advertise?

The yellow pages have been proven to be one of the worst places to advertise for clients. Our course will teach you exactly what and where to advertise. We actually give you the proven ads on a USB DRIVE, ready to give the ad reps at your local magazine or newspaper office. And they're in Quark Express format, which is the format that all professional publishers use.

2.4. I'm in a small town, what if someone else here is using the exact same ads and the exact same system?

Even if it's a small town, there's more than enough business. If your small town has a tiny little newspaper with a 10,000 circulation, and 20 minutes down the road, you have a larger town with three or four local publications, each with about 30, 50, 80,000 circulation, we recommend that you set your office up in the town 20 minutes away because you'll only be commuting twice a week. Or even better, you can get started without advertising at all using the included referral systems.

2.5. Most of the hypnotherapy ads that we see in the News Papers are "Stop Smoking, "Lose Weight", "Stress"… Are those ads any good?

No, they are tiny little ads, which do not work. We've tested our ads for years. They are designed for a high response rate from smokers. They're a quarter or half page ads, with very powerful headlines. You'll receive these proven ads in Quark Express format, which is a program and system that all professional publishers use.

2.6. Is it true that the best type of practice to build is a referrals-only practice?

Yes, that's absolutely true, and we give you several formalized referral systems that have proven themselves to be successful over many years. There are 4 client referral systems and 1 physician referral system. And the objective is to move from advertising to a referrals-only practice as soon as possible.

In fact, the latest update to the program teaches you how to build your practice from referrals right from the start so you never have to advertise. The benefits of a referrals-only practice are too numerous to mention, but some of them are: less marketing costs, clients are pre-conditioned even more for success, and a referral is more likely to give you more referrals and so perpetuate your continuously-growing referrals-only practice so that you can increase your prices and build exclusivity.

2.7. How is the marketing system in this program different from others?

If marketing itself was looked at as a huge subject, probably about 1% of it would fall under the category of Direct Marketing. In our experience, Direct Marketing is the only form of marketing that produces consistent measurable results. For example, if you were to ask the average marketing director what the purpose of advertising is, they would probably say, "To build name awareness." If you were to ask the same question of a Direct Marketing expert they would simple tell you, "To get a response", or even better, "To get business."

The focus of this program is to give you all of the tools that you need to be able to produce a continuous flow of clients into your practice. These tools have proven themselves time and time again in the real world with 1,000s of paying clients. They include, pre-written ads, brochures, referral systems, physician referral systems, introducer systems, special offers, promotional audio programs, etc., etc. Most other programs don't even know the true purpose of marketing. So they will usually make up at best a little advertisement designed to increase name awareness that you can use to put in your local yellow pages (see Question 2.1).

2.8. I'm not a good salesman. Do I need basic sales and promotion skills to effectively implement your program?

Not at all. The step-by-step marketing plan is designed for those who have no experience whatsoever in sales, advertising, and marketing. All you need to do is follow the plan we outline. You don't need to write any of the ads we suggest—they are written for you. The program also instruct you where to place your ads and how to negotiate the best possible price.

2.9. How does the promotional audio USB DRIVE work?

When people phone up after seeing an ad, being referred, or reading a brochure, etc., even with the powerful telephone script, not everyone will book an appointment. That doesn't mean that we can't eventually get them to book an appointment. The people that don't book immediately, we send them what we call a Gift Pack. The Gift Pack includes an informational brochure, a letter, a special offer voucher, and a promotional audio recording.

The audio program has 2 parts to it. First, there is a stress reduction program that anyone can benefit from, that has a $20–$30 value which they get for free. Second, it also has a half-hour presentation explaining why hypnosis makes quitting smoking so easy. This Gift Pack with the audio program is quite often more than enough to convince even the most ardent skeptic to book a session. And as with everything else in the program, it has proven itself through years of research testing it against 100s of other promotional methods.

3. Hypnosis

3.1. Why does your system focus on smoking as opposed to other problems such as weight loss and emotional blocks?

The majority of clients (80%) book appointments with hypnotherapists in order to stop smoking. We decided to become the best there is, a master of one thing, rather than a jack of all trades. We have thus tested and developed specialized hypnotherapy techniques specifically devoted to smoking cessation. Usually, the result is achieved in just a single session.

3.2. Is there a learning curve on my success rate? Since I will be saying that they are guaranteed to stop smoking in one hour, will I need to give a refund or offer to repeat the session for them?

There's a half-hour backup session that they get. It's kind of like pulling out a weed in the garden. Most of the time you get the entire weed, and sometimes there are a few little tentacles left. You just have to go, dig back in, and get the last couple of tentacles out, and then the weed is gone. As you get started with your practice, you might have a small percentage of clients start smoking again in the first week or so. Have them come in for a free ½ hour backup session and pull out the rest of the weed. After a couple months or so you'll find that you're getting so good at it that you won't see hardly any of your clients ever again.

3.3. Is my self-confidence in being a qualified Hypnotherapist important?

A lot of it has to do with confidence, and that's why we've recorded the program on DVD. You can review it over, and over, and over again. In addition, there are 3 intern DVDs. So it's like actually being in a live session. You can literally sit there and watch what actually happened with a real client in Dr. Barry Neal's clinic.

3.4. I know many people who have tried patches and nicotine gum with little success. Why is that?

Because the whole concept of Nicotine Replacement Therapy is based on the mistaken assumption that nicotine is an addictive substance. When you compare nicotine to heroine, which is really an addictive substance, you'll notice that people that suddenly stop taking heroine go through physical withdrawl symptoms. With the 1,000s and 1,000s of clients we've seen over the years, we've never seen anyone have physical withdrawl symptoms from stopping smoking. Smoking is simply a habit, and another word for a habit is an unconscious behavior, something that a smoker does without thinking about consciously. All unconscious behaviors (habits) are kept in the unconscious mind. The simplest, easiest, and most direct way to change a habit is to communicate directly with the unconscious mind using hypnosis. This is why, when it's done correctly, time and time again hypnosis has proven to be far more effective than patches and gum.

3.5. Is nicotine replacement therapy safe? Isn't it just as dangerous as cigarettes?

We believe that it can be as dangerous, if not more so, than the cigarettes. We have seen clients who are using patches and chewing nicotine gum, and we've seen quite a few who are also smoking at the same time. Nicotine, although not an addictive substance, is a very powerful poison. Some say that 1 drop of pure nicotine, if it were injected directly into the blood stream, would be enough to kill a person.

When you see someone who is chewing gum, using patches, and smoking, you've got to ask yourself 2 questions. First, "What effect is this having on their body?" The answer to this question is usually obvious. Their heart's racing, they can't sleep, they're experiencing a degree of anxiety, as well as various other symptoms. This is the body's way of trying to eliminate the poison. The second question, and perhaps at least just as interesting is, "Why on earth are they still smoking cigarettes when they have 3, 4, 5, even 10 times the amount of their normal dosage of nicotine going into their body?" The answer to this question is, "If nicotine was an addictive substance, they would have more than enough nicotine in their body to not smoke cigarettes." So it proves once again that smoking happens not because nicotine is an addictive substance but because the act of smoking itself is an unconscious behavior.

3.6. How will my clients feel when they quite smoking? Will they gain weight?

Your clients will feel ecstatic at the end of the session. And the reason why is because they will feel empowered to be able to eliminate a life-threatening and dangerous habit from their lives. Will they gain weight? Quite the contrary. We have found that the empowerment that people have as a result of quitting smoking they want to extend to other areas of their lives.

When a habit is correctly removed with the use of hypnosis, they don't have to replace it with some other habit such as overeating. It's almost as if they never smoked. In fact, they'll tell you that if you ask them. Many clients will go on to expand their focus on living a healthy life. If they are overweight, now that they have actually eliminated a negative habit such as smoking, they may choose to adopt positive habits such as healthy eating, exercise, and drinking water. Very rarely will a client gain weight, and if they ever do it's usually because they have an eating disorder before they come in to see you.

3.7. How long has hypnotherapy been used to help people quit smoking?

For more than a century. However, it started gaining in popularity as a treatment method for smoking in the 50s when hypnosis was accepted by the American Medical Association as a viable treatment method. From that point on it has accelerated in popularity as more and more people have heard—usually from word of mouth—about its effectiveness.

3.8. Can anyone learn the skill of hypnosis?

Yes, absolutely. And there are several reasons why this program makes it even easier to achieve a high level of mastery in a very short period of time.

First, the originators have simplified everything into a series of scripts that you read. Some people have said it's so simple it's almost like reading a bedtime story. Second, instead of having to learn how to work with 100s of different outcomes, everything from anxiety through to how to get rid of the mold on your toenail, you'll be mastering the one thing that the market is crying out for the most, therefore, the one thing that's going to keep your appointment book overflowing with business, and that is smoking cessation. Third, the entire program is designed using advanced accelerated learning technology. So as you follow the instructions, not only do you find it incredibly easy to do, but also incredibly enjoyable at the same time. Contrary to what many of us have experienced in school, learning is always more effective when it's fun.

4. Practice Management

4.1. How long will it take to be up and running

About 30 days. If you are already a practicing hypnotherapist, mastering the material should allow you to hit your goal of $1,000 a day within a few weeks. If you don't have a place to see clients and are not now in practice, then you should be able to make your goal of $1,000 a day within about 4–5 weeks.

4.2. Tell me about the different types of office space that I should consider. What about office space that's rented by the hour?

That's what we call a Level 1 practice. You'll notice, when you look through the material, that there's a Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3. A level 1 practice is where you're renting office space by the hour. This could be at a gym or an alternative medicine clinic. You hire the space when you need it. It's a very cost effective way of getting up and running. A Level 2 practice is the next development from that, and that's where we'd recommend that you actually get into 100 to 150 sq. feet of serviced office space. The only problem is that it will be empty most of the week. A Level 3 practice is the solution to that. You would start a group practice with one or two other individuals. They would also take the course with us. A group practice can drastically cut your front-end costs, like your answering service, office space, printing costs, etc.

4.3. I hate paperwork, will my time be filled with writing letters and filling out forms?

Here's some great news for you. No one could have hated paperwork more than the originators. They spent several years designing a complete turnkey system that is set up so that right from the start you have less than an hour of week of paperwork. And the reason why is that it's all done for you. Every letter that you would need to write, every form, it's all included on a CD-ROM so all you have to do is push print, sign it, and send it—or even have your answering service do it all for you. So all you have to do is show up and see your clients.

4.4. I've heard that you recommend that the business owner should never answer the phone. How is this possible?

It's true that you do need to get clients booked into your calendar before you can see them—and we actually give you a script that makes this process easy. However, you don't have to be the one who uses the script. You may start off using the script for booking appointments with clients, but we recommend that once you're up and running—or even right from the start—that you begin to use a telephone answering service, and you train them to use the script that you provide for you. You can also train them to send out confirmation letters, information packs, promotional audio programs, and in fact be a virtual office for you. It's all part of a system that's been optimized over many years.

4.5. What equipment do I need to get started?

Usually none. If you're working from serviced office space, furniture is provided. The only thing you might eventually want to invest in is a nice reclining chair for your clients to sit in while you do the hypnosis.

4.6. How much startup capital do I need?

Some people start with just $100–$200, some invest more. It depends at what level you want to go in at. If you want to start from home with some brochures and using 1 or 2 of our introducer systems, just a couple hundred dollars. If you want to build a group practice right from the start using half-page newspaper ads, renting serviced office space, and using a complete appointment management system, you may be investing up to $1,000 or even more. But we recommend that you let the business grow itself and start small. Once you're making $1,000 a day or more, the business can grow itself faster than you would imagine.

What our students have to say.
As of July 31st, I completed my most successful week yet—$3,150! That was with just 9 sessions at $350 each.

Several of these appointments came from word of mouth from happy clients, and the rest came from just one ad in a local newspaper. And I still have several more leads from this ad that will likely turn into appointments.

Not only is this business easy, but it's fun! People are happy when they leave your office and can't wait to tell their friends and family all about it. All you have to do is follow the simple directions—just do it—and you will be successful also. It is a simple recipe for success.

—Valerie D.

I was very skeptical of this program at first. Like many who practice hypnosis, I couldn't seem to make a decent living at it and knew there had to be a better way. Additionally, I struggled with helping smokers stop.

After working with the program for a few weeks, I called a client of mine who wanted to stop who previously was making little progress. With the "Stop Smoking in One Hour" system, she stopped immediately. My skepticism was waning.

In the past, I have worked as a consultant that sold practice building programs for professionals, and this program has as much, if not more, to offer at a much lower price. It's not magic, it's a real executable business strategy. My biggest day so far has been $1,750. I would be out of business if it weren't for this program.

—George W.

In my first month I made about £10K (approx. $18,500). Then the month after that I made almost £20K (approx. $37,000).

I was a hypnotherapist before but not making any money at all—perhaps £200 on a good month. The training completely changed my life. On an average day I am not making between £1,000 and £1,500 a day which is pretty much what I used to make in a year. As soon as I got on the course I knew I had done the right thing.

I ran 3 advertisements which cost me £100, £150, and £200 so £450 altogether which had me booked 3–4 months in advance and made me over £40,000;. It cost me £450 to make over £40K. It's amazing. I still can't quite believe it's happening.

—Julie M.

I made £69K (approx. $127K) in 6 months. It took only 3 weeks for the training to pay for itself. It's certainly the best decision of my life.

I work 18 hours a week (3 x 6 hour days) and make £2K–3K per week, whereas in the past I used to run a pub, and after working 18 hours a day 6–7 days a week I only made £300 per week. When I started earning this much money, the first thing I did was to pay off all my debts. I now have money building up so fast that I am going to have to start looking for ways to invest it wisely.

—Martin J.

The smoking cessation protocols are very effective. I have studied with many of the leaders in the field of hypnotherapy from both the U.S. and the U.K., and I believe the SFI protocol is the best there is, from start to finish. The business management system is simple, and I delegate that part to others. All I do is a bit of marketing, and show up to do the client sessions.

39 days after I received my 'business in a box' I had my first $1,200 day as a smoking cessation specialist. It works. It is not a get rich quick scheme. It requires serious study and application, but the rewards are huge. I have barely tapped into the potential of this business.

I have other business interests and have been involved in moving into a new house and doing some major renovations, so I have given this only a small part of my time and attention. Even so, I am enjoying a level of success that is very gratifying."

—Steve A.

The quality of the training was astounding. This training is far superior to anything I have encountered to date! Both regarding the hypnosis instruaction, but also with regards to the way in which you are shown how to set up a business. I realize that this course is easily worth over £30,000.

—Cordelia H-J.

After moving to Denver I had no clients and I had to start my business all over again from scratch. It really takes a lot of time and effort to start a practice all over again. I didn't know what I was going to do.

Then one day I received mail from American Academy of Hypnosis. After reading it I knew right away that I liked the program and that I could do it. I said to myself, 'Yes, I like this program. I can do this, I know I can.'

As I read the American Academy of Hypnosis material I felt so strongly that this was the best and easiest program I have seen in years. And to charge $250 per client was even better. In my practice I was only getting $50 to $125 an hour for much more work and more responsibility to my clients.

Just a few weeks after joining American Academy of Hypnosis I had my first five clients in one day, earning $1250 in one day! And a total of $3,250 earned in the first 15 days of business. I am booked for next week in advance.

—Otto P.

Excellent, the best training experience I've had. I learned more on this four-day course about how to do a successful session than I did in a one-year diploma training. This training was fun, exciting, and packed with useful, relevant information. The trainers were friendly and fun. Learning was enjoyable. Wonderfully inspiring.

—Sara McC.

The marketing part of the training was excellent. It made me realize how much I didn't know. It's no wonder I wasn't going anywhere with my practice. With this training you get marketing, advertising, referral systems, level-headed instructors who never came across as arrogant or big-headed, never running other trainings down (which made a lot of difference in my attitude towards them).

—Bryan E.

Lots of very valuable information given in an easy step by step format which even an idiot could follow. Because everything was done for you it gave you the confidence and inspiration to know that you would be able to go out there and do it, and I intend to do just that.

—Jill S.

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Excerpts from Smoking Cessation and Hypnosis
A comparative review of the effectiveness of hypnosis, an advanced method of hypnosis, and other interventions used for the cessation of smoking.

by Michael O' Driscoll B.Sc., M.Sc. (Oxon)

This paper presents some of the findings from a study looking at all methods of smoking cessation, including standard hypnotherapy techniques and compares those to a specially developed advanced method of hypnotherapy for smoking cessation.

High quit rates for hypnosis compared to other methods

A larger meta-analysis of research into hypnosis to aid smoking cessation (Chockalingam and Schmidt 1992) (48 studies, 6,020 subjects) found that the average quit rate for those using hypnosis was 36%, making hypnosis the most effective method found in this review with the exception of a programme which encouraged pulmonary and cardiac patients to quit smoking using advice from their doctor (such subjects are obviously atypical as they have life-threatening illnesses which are aggravated by smoking and therefore these people have very strong incentives to quit).

Table 1. Effectiveness of different types of intervention to achieve smoking cessation adapted from data in Chockalingam and Schmidt (1992) Type of intervention % who quit smoking no. of subjects no. of trials Advice (cardiac patients) 42 4553 34 Hypnosis 36 6020 48 Miscellaneous 35 1400 10 Advice (pulmonary patients) 34 1661 17 Smoke aversion 31 2557 103 Group withdrawal clinics 30 11580 46 Acupuncture 30 2992 19 Instructional methods in workplace 30 976 13 Other aversive techniques 27 3926 178 5 day plans 26 7828 25 Aversive methods in 25 1041 26 Educational (health promotion initiatives) 24 3352 27 Medication 18 6810 29 Physician interventions (more than advice) 18 3486 16 Nicotine chewing gum 16 4866 40 Self-care (self-help) 15 3585 24 Physician advice 7 7190 17

Law and Tang (1995) looked at 10 randomised trials, carried out between 1975 and 1988, of hypnosis in smoking cessation. They found that the effect of hypnosis was highly statistically significant1. The research they examined involved 646 subjects and cessation rates at 6 months post-treatment ranged from 10% to 38% (the average figure was 24%).

Table 2. Effectiveness of different types of intervention to achieve smoking cessation (adapted from data in Law and Tang 1995) Type of intervention % who quit smoking no. of subjects no. of trials Supportive group session (heart attack survivors) 36 223 1 Hypnosis 24 646 10 Supportive group session (healthy men in high risk for heart attack group) 21 13205 4 Nicotine patch (self-referral) 13 2020 10 Nicotine gum (self-referral 11 3460 13 Supportive group session (in pregnancy) 8 4738 10 Advice from GP (additional sessions) 5 6466 10 Gradual reduction in smoking 5 630 8 Nicotine patch (GP initiated treatment) 4 2597 4 Nicotine gum (GP initiated treatment) 3 7146 15 Acupuncture 3 2759 8 Advice from GP (one-off) 2 14438 17 Supportive group session 2 2059 8 Advice from nurses in health promotion clinics 1 3369 2 Table 2 (above) shows that the meta-analysis of Law and Tang confirms, to a large extent, the meta-analysis of Chockalingam and Schmidt (1992); in both cases hypnosis appears as the most effective form of intervention to achieve smoking cessation with the exception of groups who are highly motiviated to quit for medical reasons, such as those with existing heart or pulmonary problems.

A more recent study, by Ahijevych et al (2000), produces a similar overall figure for the success of hypnosis. This study looked at a randomly selected sample of 2,810 smokers who participated in single-session, group hypnotherapy smoking cessation programs sponsored by the American Lung Association of Ohio. A randomly selected sample of 452 participants completed telephone interviews 5 to 15 months after attending a treatment session. 22 percent of participants reported not smoking during the month prior to the interview.

Tailored Hypnosis—Taking It to the Next Level The results discussed so far indicate that when the bulk of random trials are considered hypnosis is shown to be the most effective intervention for achieving smoking cessation. Yet this is only half the story—many of the trials discussed so far have used very brief sessions, using standardised hypnosis techniques, many have in fact taken place in group sessions (making it difficult to tailor to each individual's needs) and have not necessarily been carried out by expert practitioners of hypnosis. If, under these circumstances, hypnosis can achieve such positive outcomes in terms of enabling smokers to quit, then what might be achieved using programmes of hypnosis which are carried out by expert hypnotists and are tailored to the needs of the individual who wants to stop smoking?

Nuland and Field (1970) foundan improvement rate of 60% in treating smokers with hypnosis. The increased effectiveness was achieved by a more personalised approach, including feedback (under hypnosis) of the client's own personal reasons for quitting. These researchers also employed a technique of having the client maintain contact by telephone between treatments and utilized self-hypnosis in addition.

Von Dedenroth (1968) devised an innovative unique approach which appears to have been extremely successful. He began by inquiring how long the individual had smoked, whether they recalled why they had begun, whether they had ever tried to stop smoking, why they wanted to stop smoking at this particular point in time, what benefit, if any, they felt that they derived from smoking, at what specific times they felt the need most strongly (after meals, before breakfast etc.), and finally he asked them how many cigarettes they smoked. Von Dedenroth believed that answering these questions not only tended to increase rapport but also revealed, at least in part, the smoker's own feelings regarding his smoking and his reasons for wanting to give up the habit. The therapy proper did not begin until the second session, and at this time the smoker was told that 'Q Day' or 'Quitting Day' would be 21 days from that point. The smoker was also told to change his favourite brand of cigarettes and resolve to never smoke that brand again. The smoker is then told that they are not to smoke at all:

  1. Before breakfast
  2. For one half-hour after each meal
  3. For 30 minutes before retiring

The smoker was told that, at the times mentioned above, he was to get into the habit of going to the bath-room, gargling with mouthwash and cleaning his teeth. He should have a glass of fruit juice upon awakening and he was told to notice the fresh feeling in his mouth in the morning and following each of these routines. After his breakfast, he was to clean his teeth again and use the mouthwash, paying close attention to the clean feeling in his mouth. Thirty minutes later he was allowed to have a cigarette, but not before. This tended to break the association between the taste of food and the inevitable cigarette that usually followed a meal. He was also told to get a small note-book to carry with him, and to write down, from time to time, his reasons for giving up smoking (physical, financial and personal). Then a trance state was induced and the above suggestions, given in the waking state, were repeated and consequently greatly reinforced. Following the trance, the patient was encouraged to ask questions, and the next appointment arranged.

The third session occurred around one week later (and a week before 'Q day')—in this session the smoker was told that they should not drink alcohol at all, or at least to drink alcohol only with meals, with the intention of breaking the association between alcohol and smoking. A trance state is again induced and all the previous instructions reinforced. It is also suggested that smoking will no longer be enjoyable. In particular the smoker was told that the first puff of a cigarette may be enjoyable, the second less enjoyable, and the third may possibly irritate the nose, throat or chest. The aim of this is that by the time 'Q Day' arrives the smoker may only be taking a few puffs of each cigarette a day; as the number of cigarettes smoked, and the amount of each of those cigarettes smoked, has declined, then it should be less painful for the individual to quit.

Von Dedenroth believed that the fact that the individual is able to reduce and stop smoking (with the aid of hypnosis) gives the individual a great feeling of self-accomplishment. 'Q day' begins with the induction of a trance state and it is emphasised continually to the smoker that bad habits have been replaced by good ones, and that for several weeks cigarettes have become more and more unpleasant.

The study by Von Dedenroth, described above, has the highest quoted success rate for hypnosis in achieving smoking cessation which has been reported in the literature to date;Von Dedenroth found that his use of hypnosis enabled 94% of 1000 subjects to stop smoking (when checked at 18 months).

Practice Builders Study (2000)(American Academy of Hypnosis's proprietary method) This research was carried out on 300 subjects (beginning in January 2000 and continuing until March 2002) who responded to an advertisement. A 'blind trial' technique was used—subjects were not aware that they were taking part in a research project although they all ticked a box on their intake forms saying that they understood that the hypnotist's methods were always being measured tested and improved, and that results would be collated and studied. Client confidentiality was assured so that their data could be used but not their names and these subjects were randomly allocated to receive either 'standard' hypnotherapy or a special formulation of hypnotherapy which Practice Builders has termed 'advanced therapy'. 51% of respondents were male and 49% female; the median age of all subjects was 44 years.

No respondents had previous experience of hypnosis—51% of subjects had tried nicotine patches, 14% had tried nicotine gum, 7% had tried acupuncture, 6% had tried using a nicotine inhaler and 30% had previously tried to quit using will-power alone. 11% of subjects had not previously tried to quit smoking.

For all subjects:

The client was interviewed to make sure that they wanted to stop smoking for their own reasons, and were not being pressured into it by someone else (doctor, loved one etc.).

The price was kept high (£250) to establish commitment, and to avoid people who were casually or speculatively trying hypnosis (as opposed to those who have some commitment, confidence or belief that hypnosis would help them to stop smoking).

All subjects waited a minimum of three weeks for an appointment in order to build expectancy—subjects were already thinking about, and planning being, a non-smoker for weeks before the treatment began.

Before the actual hypnosis, the client (or subject) is asked a series of questions about their smoking habit and their beliefs. This allows the hypnotherapist and the client to build rapport and also lets the hypnotherapist become aware of any thought patterns based on myths or misconceptions that need to be cleared up before the hypnosis. They are asked, for example:

  • 'Do you believe you are addicted to nicotine?'
  • 'What fears do you have about stopping?'
  • 'What do you know about hypnosis?'

Hypnosis was then fully explained to the client, as well as how the conscious and the unconscious mind works, and any myths debunked (such as, you cannot make someone do something they don't want to do, hypnosis is not sleep or unconsciousness, you will be aware of everything that is going on and will remember everything that happened in hypnosis after the session, you can stop the session at any time, etc.). This is called the "pre-talk".

A hypnotic contract is then entered into, in which the client agrees to go along with all techniques and to accept all the suggestions that are for their benefit.

For subjects treated with the standard technique:

The client then reclines in the chair, and a basic stop smoking script is read. This type of standard technique doesn't allow for much in the way of personalising a session, as it is the same for every client. The wording of some of the best basic techniques uses hypnotic language patterns (Neuro Linguistic Programming). The client is then emerged.

For subjects treated with the advanced technique:

Hypnosis is induced using a progressive test induction tailored to the client. Ideo motor techniques are used to gain unconscious communication. The client's own motivations, Meta programmes, and values are utilised in the session using a combination of metaphor and suggestion. NLP sub-modality and anchoring techniques are used according to the client's processing style. At the end of the session, the client is emerged from hypnosis and the change is tested, then future paced and ratified.

Findings Quit rates were established thorough telephone interviews 1 month and 6 months after the first session of treatment.

After 1 session 95% of those who received 'advanced therapy' had quit smoking. The remaining 5% received a second session of treatment leading to a further 1.3% of the group quitting smoking. In total therefore, at 6 months, 97% of those who received 'advanced therapy' had quit smoking.

Of those who received 'standard therapy' 51% quit smoking after one session and a further 6% quit after a second session—a total of 57% had quit smoking at 6 months.

Those who were still smoking at 6 months did not differ from those who had successfully quit in terms of gender, age or therapies previously tried. These results mean that for both standard treatments and the 'advanced treatment' quit rates are extraordinarily high and well above what has hitherto been reported in the literature. Results for both treatments were significant at the 0.001 level (chi-square).

Outcomes for the 'advanced therapy' are considerably higher than any findings previously reported in the literature. In addition, the success rate achieved using the standard technique was considerably higher than expected and this may be due to the fact that the elements that the standard treatment and 'advanced treatment' have in common (price, waiting period for the session, advertising exposure, and pre-talk etc.) have powerful effects on outcomes.

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