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Muse Therapy
The Brain-Sensing Headband
What Is Muse?
Muse is a brain-sensing headband that tracks your brainwaves while you are meditating to make sure you are focused. It encourages the user to keep their mind clear and focus on their breathing, which are usually the main objectives of meditating.
How Does It Work?
Muse uses sensors that take a "snapshot" of your brain while it is active, to see what it is like in its natural state. The seven calibrated sensors detect and measure the activity of your brain while doing a simple task for 60 seconds. Muse will track this info each time you use the device to track your progress, by sending all of the information it acquires to the Muse app on our Ipad.

After testing your brain, it is time to meditate! You choose how long you would like to meditate, starting anywhere from 3 to 45 minutes. Once you program your time, it is time to relax and meditate. For many, the idea of quieting their mind to meditate is nearly impossible. With Muse, tracking your brainwaves in real-time will help make sure that you are keeping your mind clear.
Using the information that it has gathered while monitoring your active brainwaves, it knows what your brain should look like when at rest. It assists with keeping you on track by providing real-time feedback with reinforcements through the speaker or headphones. It uses different natural sounds to tell you if your brain is too active for meditation and provides different natural sounds when your brain's activity is quiet and clear.

Once you are done with your meditation session, you will be shown how your session went. Muse provides graphs and charts that one of the Holistic Mind Therapy associates will analyze and explain to you in detail. We will keep track of your progress to see how we can improve your guided meditation experience.
Is It Safe?
Muse is 100% safe and is certified by the FCC. The Brainwave sensors have been used for research and also in hospitals for years now, with no side effects. Muse also uses Bluetooth to connect to the app, which is also safe.
What Are the Benefits of Using Muse?
Muse is the first of its kind, in that it provides the user with real-time feedback to help you improve your meditation. It shows you what is happening, while it is happening, during your meditation session. The reinforcements it provides helps you get the most out of every meditation session. You are never wasting your time with Muse!

Using Muse will also help you form a habit of wanting to meditate. With the feedback it gives you, in real-time and with the graphs, once you see yourself improve, you will be motivated to continue using and meditating, just like when you see results in the gym!

Don't forget the most important part, how Muse will help with your actual health! Meditation has been proven to help with decreasing your stress and improving how you respond to it, and Muse can definitely help you with that! Muse will help you get the most out of your meditation habits and that will only help your health.
Meditation has also been shown to help with reducing your heart rate and anxiety. It can also help improve your overall mood. Meditation has also been shown to reduce signs of aging and improve your tendency to lead a healthy lifestyle. With all of these benefits, using Muse to optimize your meditation is a simple choice!

Think of it this way: It's like a Fitbit for your brain. Track your brain's health and see how using it to meditate improves how your brainwaves are working and how they are resting.

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