Gastric Band Hypnotherapy
Better and Safer than surgery. Hypnosis works!!!
Lose Weight Today With Gastric band hypnotherapy "Smart Weight Loss"
You CAN Lose Weight WITHOUT Feeling Hungry...

Gastric Band Hypnotherapy will help you eat less without making you feel like you are sacrificing your happiness, simply because you will not want to eat the amount you once did.
How it works is that the hypnotherapist delves deep in your subconscious, making it believe as if you had an actual gastric band placed on the stomach. This helps you feel full with less food in your stomach, which is the fastest way to lose weight!

If you want to make a long-lasting change in your weight, you have to make it something that you can maintain for the rest of your life.

As if being able to lose weight without having to suffer through a strict diet wasn't awesome enough, with Gastric Band Hypnotherapy, you don't have to go through the pain you might have to endure if you were to have Gastric Bypass Surgery.
How It Works?
The Benefits Of The Gastric Band Hypnotherapy
Smaller Appetite – you will only be able to eat smaller meals with your subconscious under the assumption that the stomach has a gastric band fitted to it.

Fast weight loss – with how much less you will be eating, the weight will come off very quickly!!

Improved health and appearance – with less weight on your body, your overall health will improve drastically, and you will look better too!

Affordable procedure – If you decide to go with the Gastric Band Hypnotherapy Pack, you will be spending much less than you ever would be if you went with the gastric bypass surgery, especially if you were to ever need to have other procedures going along.

Complete Confidence – You can have complete confidence in The Gastric Band Hypnotherapy Paul Dmitriev was clinically trained at the Bennet and Stellar university and personally by the founder of NLP Richard Bandler and has treated thousands of clients both offline and online over the last nine years.

There's no risk! – Ther is no risk with Gastric Band Hypnotherapy, you have no reason to fear anything with this procedure.
Usually a procedure for individuals who are considered morbidly obese, gastric band surgery places a band around the upper part of the stomach. This helps constrict how much food the person can eat, making it easy to lose weight. This procedure involves surgery and comes with the possibility of risks and complications.

Gastric band hypnotherapy is like having a 'virtual gastric band' placed on your stomach and does not require surgery. This is usually practiced by hypnotherapists who convince your unconscious it has had a gastric band fitted to the top of the stomach. The intention is that on an unconscious level, you will believe that you had the surgery and that your stomach really now has the band.
Gastric band hypnotherapy
What is a gastric band?
A gastric band is a modifiable silicone device usually used in gastric bypass surgery. The band is placed on the upper section of the stomach to create a small sack. This limits the amount of food that is allowed in the stomach, making eating large quantities of food nearly impossible.

Once the patient eats a meal, the ability to eat they once had no longer is there, with them feeling full much sooner than they normally would. Once they are eating much less than they used to, weight loss soon follows. For those that decide to have this surgery, it is a last resort when other ways of losing weight don't seem to work for them. Like any surgery, it comes with potential dangers, especially when patients are obese.

Like any surgery, patients have suffered harsh side-effects and complications. Some suffer from nausea and vomiting. Some may need more surgery to adjust or remove the band when it is not set correctly.

Many believe that this procedure is an easy way out, but not everyone meets the qualifications, like being healthy enough to actually have surgery and you need to prove you are ready for long-term weight loss. They need to change everything about their lifestyle and make sure to follow-up with their physician.

Surgery is no walk in the park and needs to be taken seriously. All options should be considered before deciding to go under the knife, and that is where gastric band hypnotherapy should be considered.
Gastric band hypnosis
Any procedure you choose to undergo has the chance of something going wrong or having side effects, including gastric band surgery. With gastric band hypnosis, there is virtually no risk; there is no chance of something going wrong because no one is actually performing surgery on you. Many hypnotherapists break the process into two steps. They start with getting to know the client and finding out the reason they are overweight. With the help of hypnosis, the hypnotherapist can extract overlooked memories you have that involve food that may be negatively affecting your subconscious at the present time. Getting to the root of the issue the patient has with overeating can serve as a positive reinforcement and can help make a lasting change in the patient.

The next step involves the hypnotherapist performs the virtual gastric band procedure. This should convince your subconscious that the operation has truly happened and that your stomach now will not be able to consume as much as it used to, just like actual patients of gastric band surgery.
The hypnotherapist starts with the relaxation methods to put you in a state of hypnosis. Once in hypnosis, your mind is open to suggestion. Once open to these suggestions, your hypnotherapist will use expertly trained techniques to give suggestions. Under this specific procedure, your subconscious will receive the suggestion that you have had the gastric band surgery.

Once your subconscious accepts that it has had a gastric band fitted to the stomach, your actions will change.
How It Works?
That is how powerful the mind is. To help the mind, other suggestions are usually made to aid you in the lifestyle change you are about to undergo. These are usually about your confidence and also your behavior.

Hypnotherapists also will usually teach you self-hypnosis techniques to make it easier for you after your procedure. It is also important to learn as much as you can on proper nutrition and exercise you should be doing, talk to your physician to make sure you are not over-exerting yourself.
The procedure
The first step will be a consultation where you can meet your hypnotherapist and he can understand what steps you have taken in the past in your weight loss journey, what your eating and exercise habits are like now, and if you have any current health issues. They will also find out what you wish to achieve with the hypnotherapy procedure. This will help the hypnotherapist understand you and be able to cater to your specific needs.

Since the main goal of the procedure is to make your subconscious believe there was a surgery performed, many hypnotherapists use specific sounds and smell that mimic an operating room. Once the hypnotherapist puts you in a state of hypnosis, where you are in control and understands what is happening, the procedure will begin.

Once under hypnosis, your hypnotherapist will describe what happens in the surgery, from start to finish, starting with the anesthesia, the first incision, and when they stitch you back up. The specific smells and sounds incorporated will convince your subconscious that what your hypnotherapist is saying is actually happening.

After the "procedure" is said and done, your hypnotherapist will likely use self-confidence suggestions to help encourage your subconscious to stay on track.

Many hypnotherapists will require a follow-up visit to check how your virtual band is working for you and to see if anything needs tweaking, just like you would if you were to get the actual surgery. Some clients may require continued hypnotherapy sessions following the initial procedure to help keep them on track for long-term weight loss and management.

Although the gastric band hypnosis should help you tremendously shed weight, you should not forget how nutrition and exercise habits can help you, as well. A combination of changing the way you work out and eat can only lead to the most success in your journey to weight loss.

The main goal of gastric band hypnosis is to help you eat less and, most importantly, and promote a healthy relationship with the food you eat. For many who overindulge when it's dinnertime, realizing you are actually full can be challenging.

Many times, we are eating when we aren't even hungry, eating because we are bored, need comfort or are craving a specific food, regardless if we are truly hungry. Learning how it truly feels to be hungry and full is vital for weight management. Gastric Band Hypnosis will help you learn how to feel these things and eat when you are actually hungry and stop when you are full.

Once done with the Gastric Band Hypnosis, you will not suffer from any side effects. Gastric Band Surgery, on the other hand, comes with risks and the possibility of side effects, such as nausea, vomiting, and acid reflux.
How will I feel after?
You won't suffer from any downtime either, unlike coming out of a major surgery. Many who have undergone Gastric Band Hypnosis claim to feel calm and relaxed once the procedure is done.
Will it work for me?
One of the most basic questions people have who are considering Gastric Band Hypnosis is "Will it work for me?"

Sadly, this is not a question we can answer for anyone, only you can answer that question. Like most hypnotherapy, it can be extremely helpful, if the client is willing to change. You need to be fully committed to making the change, including what you are eating and how you exercise.

If you trust and believe in this and your hypnotherapist, you have a greater chance of achieving what you truly want. It is vital that you meet your hypnotherapist and set up the consultation to make sure you feel safe and comfortable with them before jumping into any sort of procedure.

If you are truly ready to make the important change and find a hypnotherapist that you believe in, there is no reason this procedure shouldn't work for you.
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