Improve your life
At Holistic Mind TherapyTM, we offer personal coaching sessions to help you arrive at your target goal, in a pleasant, stress free manner. Just as each and every one of us is a totally unique individual, some people may take a little longer to achieve their objectives. If you find that the journey is becoming difficult for you, and that you frequently feel stuck, then an individually tailored coaching session may be just what you need in order to advance smoothly towards your personal life goals.

Let us know what is working perfectly for you, and where you may require a little extra assistance. You are not alone! With our encouraging coaching support, it is possible to form a creative partnership that will help you move forward using proven holistic coaching techniques. Our experienced coaches will act as personal guides, leading you away from destructive, harmful habits, and encouraging positive behavioral change that will lead to lasting success.

Please note that personal coaching does not involve us telling you what to do. This would be very ineffective, since you would once again be left unsure of how to progress, the moment you find yourself alone. Instead, our dedicated coaches form an ongoing therapeutic partnership with the client, to encourage self-discovery, generate client-centred solutions and strategies, and inspire lasting confidence and the motivation to move forward.

Our holistic method is rooted in the belief that every one of us is already resourceful and creative, and possesses the ability to accomplish important goals and be a success. The coach's role is therefore, one of listening and observing in order to perceive any difficulties or roadblocks that are getting in the way of the client's progress. Once these are identified, the coach is in a position to support the client based on taking the skills that he or she already has, and enhancing these abilities. In this way, we honor and respect the client's integrity, while inspiring positive change.
Life coaching
Life coaching is a powerful coaching method that takes you from where you are today, to where you actually want to be. Participants enter a journey of exciting self-discovery, identifying and clarifying their life goals, and determining priorities and strategies. All life coaching services are completely impartial and confidential.

In life coaching, the client is seen as the expert in his or her life, and is therefore held accountable and responsible for any choices that are made. However, this is achieved in a safe, supportive, non-judgmental manner that is educational as opposed to punitive in nature. When things have not gone as planned, the event is viewed as a learning experience rather than a failure. Making mistakes is seen as a natural part of growing and moving forward, and many clients view these missteps as important stepping stones to a much brighter future.

Life coaching can help you with many different areas of your life. In fact, the possibilities are limitless as we partner with you to identify specific life goals, and build a support structure that will move you closer towards your unique vision. This creative process will be both inspiring and thought provoking, and you will quickly discover that the only thing holding you back from living the life of your dreams is a deeply instilled fear of success. Let us help you overcome personal roadblocks and negative behaviors that stand between you and a fulfilling life of deep contentment.
Relationship coaching
Relationship coaching is a specialization that helps people to obtain greater fulfilment in their personal relationships. Typical relationship issues might include overcoming communication difficulties, coping with changing dynamics such as grief and loss, or establishing a deeper appreciation of a loved one.

Relationship coaching is not the same thing as couples therapy, and will not necessarily "save" your marriage. In fact, relationship coaching typically involves just one partner, although the benefits may be felt among many. Relationship coaching will help you to clarify relationship issues, and bring a greater understanding as to what you can reasonably control, and what you cannot. This new awareness is very helpful as a means to recognize unhelpful responses to common relationship difficulties, and to assist you to find peace with where your relationship is at, right now.

Relationship coaching encompasses much more than just romance and marriage. Some clients are looking to improve their interactions with other family members, friends, coworkers, neighbors, etc. Single persons may also seek relationship coaching in order to determine exactly what they want out of a partnership with another person, and to generate a safe environment to work through personal relationship issues that have caused them problems in the past.

Relationship coaching is not just about fixing problems either. Some clients engage a relationship coach to take their relationship "to the next level". Relationship coaches can guide you towards the essence of a satisfying relationship, opening up new possibilities and a deeper personal connection.
Business coaching
Business coaching is available to assist business owners and entrepreneurs to maximize their potential, and perform at a much higher level. Our holistic focus will address the many challenges that face businesses today. By investing in a business coach, it is possible to protect your business from some of the pitfalls that exist, encouraging steady growth, and resulting in less stressed employees.

Our areas of expertise include developing leadership skills, making the most of team building, promoting a healthy work environment, coping with organizational change, adopting successful marketing strategies, and implementing effective management – both on and off site, and so much more.

Just as in our personal life, negative energy can quickly bring a business down. It is therefore essential that business owners learn how to engage their employees, and identify the "real" issues, rather than placating their workers by offering solutions that have little or nothing to do with the problem at hand. Employees who feel genuinely supported will remain engaged and motivated – key components of a productive workforce.

Likewise, it is easy for any one of us to become side-tracked by self-limiting beliefs due to an over reliance upon old habits rather than an openness to trying exciting new ideas. Our business coaches will work with you to identify areas where you or your business are being held back, and help you to reach for excellence.
Skype coaching
Thanks to modern technology, distance is no longer the barrier it once was. No matter where you are in the world, you will be able to take advantage of our coaching services. All that is needed is access to the Internet and a webcam.

Skype also offers the added convenience of providing flexibility, by eliminating travel time to our office, and allowing you to access our coaching services from the privacy of your own home or office. Our Skype coaching accommodates your busy schedule, and offers you the same level of service as you would receive in-person. Live video and real-time voice chat make our Skype coaching experience feel real as you interact with our coaches face-to-face.

Skype coaching has all the benefits of our regular coaching services. You will find that connecting to our experienced staff on Skype is a simple, streamlined process. Our knowledgeable coaches are here to help you work through issues as they arise, and to come up with new strategies and potential solutions to move you forward. Try our Skype coaching for engaging holistic support that inspires positive change.