But I can’t be hypnotized, can I?

What is it about hypnosis that turns people off and makes them feel uncomfortable?  In truth, I have to admit that I felt the same way for many years.  Not only was my experience of hypnosis firmly rooted in the spectacle of the hypnotist stage show (weird people made to do freaky things by some sort of magician type person), but I honestly didn’t trust that I could be hypnotized at all.  As far as I was concerned, watching people being hypnotized was all very entertaining, but definitely not something for me.
Then I had an experience that changed my life and my opinion about hypnosis.  For years, I have battled my weight.  Like most people who diet, I was a yo-yo.  My weight went down and then went up again…down and up…down and up…and then up and up and up!  As my metabolism slowed down in response to my self-inflicted famine, I found it more and more difficult to keep the pounds off.  Worse still, I found myself constantly craving high calorie foods that I knew were bad for me.  Food equaled comfort – and I indulged wholeheartedly whenever I needed something to make myself feel better.
As time went by, and the pounds packed on, it was obvious that the whole dieting thing simply wasn’t working for me anymore.   Worried about my health, and the fact that I could no longer climb a simple flight of stairs without arriving at the top red-faced and out of breath, I decided to take back control of my eating habits.  On the advice of a close friend, I decided that I had nothing to lose (except perhaps all my excess pounds), and contacted a hypnotherapist about my “weight problem”.
Sitting in the hypnotherapist’s office was quite a revelation for me.  I’m not sure what I had imagined I would come across there, but I found everyone to be pleasant and professional. However, I still remained firmly convinced that I couldn’t be hypnotized.  “Have you ever found yourself day dreaming?” asked my hypnotherapist.  “All the time” I responded.  In fact, my ability to tune out annoying and tiresome people sometimes got me in big trouble, especially at work!  Apparently, my tendency to drift off into fantasyland made me an excellent candidate for hypnosis!
My hypnotherapist continued to reassure me, explaining that no one can make you do anything under hypnosis that is against your wishes.  Since I sincerely wanted to lose weight, there was no problem there.  I was also pleased to learn that there are no bizarre suggestions in therapeutic hypnosis, and no one is transformed into some sort of embarrassing zombie creature during the process!
That was five years ago, and I haven’t looked back since.  I’m happy to report that my metabolism has stabilized, and I am free at last from the wretched cycle of binging and dieting that contributed to my weight gain and caused me so much misery.  Hypnosis really works for me – and to think that I nearly didn’t go, because I thought that I was impossible to hypnotize!