Can Someone Control Your Mind With Hypnosis?

An interesting question came up the other day – that of whether or not it is possible to control someone’s mind by using hypnosis. This is one of the main reasons that people fear using hypnosis as a therapeutic option to help them change negative behavior. There is the worry that they will be forced to do something that is either totally outrageous or completely embarrassing while in a hypnotic trance. Nothing could be further from the truth.

This fear of “mind control” is one of the myths that hold people back from trying this amazing therapeutic technique. Rest assured that no one can make you do or say anything while in a hypnotic trance, that is against your moral and ethical principles. If you are uncomfortable doing something before hypnosis, then you will not be any more willing to involve yourself while in a deep trance.

People who are hypnotized are not sleeping – that is another misconception. Instead, they are in a relaxed state of focused attention – aware of their surroundings and not under anybody’s mind control. Hypnotherapy works best for individuals who truly want to change because again, it is impossible to make someone do something that is against their will.

Unfortunately, Hollywood movies and spy novels have perpetuated the stereotype of the immoral hypnotist using his power to make his subjects commit evil deeds. Stage shows that exist for entertainment purposes have also contributed to this illusion. Participants who behave in bizarre or ridiculous ways are specially chosen by the hypnotist because they enjoy being the center of attention and amusing others.

Hypnotherapy relies on the power of suggestion to help people overcome personal challenges and adopt new desired behaviors that are beneficial. Although hypnosis can be persuasive, the decision on whether or not to change rests with the individual.

This also explains why some people have more success than others by using hypnosis to stop smoking or lose weight. You have to truly want to do these things, in order for the technique to be effective. If you are ambivalent or unsure – it will be much more challenging (though not impossible) for the hypnotherapist to work with you, and convince your subconscious mind that positive new habits and behaviors are possible.

Trust also plays a role, and that is why it is extremely important that a person feels comfortable with their hypnotherapist before any intervention begins. For those individuals who truly desire transformative change, hypnotherapy offers an amazing opportunity to overcome established habits that are no longer working, and replace them with positive, new behaviors.