The Benefits of Self-Awareness

Learning to “quiet the mind" is a skill anyone can practice with beneficial results. Some people choose to practice self-awareness as part of their regular daily routine. Others use this technique when they feel themselves becoming overwhelmed and need to take a break. Either way, this connection with your inner mind through self-awareness is an important way to combat stress and bring peace and serenity back into your life.
Did you know that mindfulness is a key part of happiness? Some of the advantages of becoming self-aware include more balance, less emotional reactivity, and greater compassion for oneself and others. Instead of feeling that the world is a dark and dangerous place, people who are self-aware learn how to manage unpleasant thoughts, experiences, and events without feeling helpless and out of control. Individuals who practice mindfulness are also resilient and much better prepared to cope with life’s problems.

Step by step plan for healing yourself:
I am now going to outline some extremely important points that will help you to achieve lasting health. These details will offer you an opportunity to focus on your healing needs and to prioritize yourself, perhaps for the first time in your life. I cannot emphasize strongly enough how essential it is that you give yourself the gift of uninterrupted time to invest in yourself. This is how you will develop the knowledge and understanding to use your ability to heal from the inside out.

Step one: Free yourself first.
In order to begin real healing, you have to shift your reality; really shift it. In fact, the first step involves changing your actual environment. Your home is not the best place to change. You need to go to a place where nothing around you will remind you of who you were. This can be for a few days, weeks, or months: whatever you require to disconnect from your present surroundings and focus entirely on yourself.
You may at this point, be experiencing some uncertainty or resistance. This is the result of all the distractions in life that take us away from focusing on what really matters: diversions that keep us ill. You will soon realize just how powerful these interruptions are, keeping us bound by the chains forced upon us by society. These are the chains you will have to break. The prize for doing this will be your freedom to achieve lasting physical and emotional health and wellbeing.
Perhaps you are thinking that this is tough, but you can actually begin simply by going to your local park or anywhere outside and into nature. Take a few hours and immerse yourself in this natural setting, away from all the interruptions that usually take your attention. Just be there, alone: no phones, no friends - just you.

Step two: Retreat from society’s distractions.
Do you know that the very best way to work on yourself is to go to a retreat far from home where you will not even be allowed to use your phone? This provides the perfect setting to get in touch with your past and reclaim your life. We are so used to constant interruptions that the idea of removing the connection with everything that is going on in life is hard to imagine. However, at some point, you will have to make a choice to prioritize yourself. Will it be you or your phone? Believe it or not, some people would die before they’d let go of that phone. Don’t be one of them.
Now let’s talk a little about some ways you can disconnect from society and experience the amazing freedom that comes from being able to focus solely on you. The most effective way to achieve this is to go to a retreat for a week or two, to get away physically and mentally from everything and everyone. It is astonishing just how much progress can be made when the decision is made to cut ties with your old environment and put yourself first. Believe me, miracles will happen!

Step three: Engage in healing rituals.
Some countries offer free healthcare, where the emphasis is on caring for the mind, body, and spirit. In these countries, people are allowed to heal in special hospitals, even if it takes a month or two. Since the focus is on achieving true health and wellbeing, there are strict rules in order to promote the best environment for this to happen. This special setting does not permit phones, television, or other distractions. Special healthy food is provided, and visitors are limited to specific days and hours. Far from being restrictive, these rules exist because it takes a special environment for people to get well and feel healthy again.
Another important part of this process involves special healing rituals designed to cleanse the body. There are numerous options available to you as a means to remove toxins and restore good health. Fasting, colonic cleanses, and liver detox therapy are just a few of the many treatments available to care for the physical body and restore natural balance and good health.