Help for Kids
The safest way to help your child
Childhood is often looked back at with fond memories, some even longing for the simple days when they didn't have a care in the world. "Childhood is supposed to be the best years of your life, but we spend the rest of our lives trying to get over".

That quote is harsh, but it is the truth for many people. Many adults suffer from the built-up memories or certain traumatic events that they experienced as a child. You may not think it was traumatic, but imagine having a child's mind and experiencing these events. an event like the two people you've lived with your whole life

Imagine the two people you've lived with your whole life, who have jointly loved and cared for you, one day coming to you and telling you that one of them is leaving and you'd be able to see them once or twice a week, but never share time with the two of them again.
Imagine experiencing those two important people constantly fighting, yelling at each other about who left the kitchen light on. These events aren't processed the same way adults would process them and even some adults have trouble processing these events as well.

Many childhood issues pass naturally over time, but when a little extra help is required, Holistic Mind Therapy for Children is a gentle and natural way to get things moving. When your child attends private or group sessions, what they will learn and hear is a lifting, absorbing story that is perfect for child psychology.

Stories have been used to educate and provide help for as long as man has sat around fires; the pattern of the story works at an unconscious level to provide a new 'template' for future behavior.

Each of the sessions is prefaced with only a short introduction without any reference to hypnosis or psychology.

Most people have PTSD in one form or another, especially from traumatic events that occurred during childhood. You might not think it will have a negative effect on your child in the future, but these events can lay dormant in their subconscious. Helping extract it now is the best way to ensure your child lives a satisfying life now and in the future.

We can help stop these issues from holding them back from their performance in school and their social life. Childhood should be looked at with fond memories and without any "baggage" a child might bring along with them to adulthood. Help your child succeed to the best of their ability and live the best life they can.
We work with:
Confidence in Children
Dealing with Divorced Parents
Handling Insults
Sports Performance
Improve Concentration
Boost Learning Confidence
Losing a Grandparent or Loved One
General Anxiety
Loss of Parent
Fear of Darkness
Making Friends
Loss of a Pet
Kids Nightmares
School Separation Anxiety
Reading Confidence
Self Esteem for Kids
Shy Child
Thumb Sucking
Speak Up In Class
Tantrums in Children